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We are skilled

Cinescope is led by award-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer Gregor Phillips. Compelled by a desire to produce excellence in sound for films, Gregor started the boutique sound design studio Cinescope. With an extensive list of credits, Gregor has worked with some of the best talent in North America. His accomplishments include projects for Corus, Discovery, Netfilx, Disney/ABC, CBC, Vision, IFC, Lifetime, Hallmark and other industry leaders. With multiple Leo awards under his belt, Gregor has the experience – and intuitive ear – to make your project sound like gold.


We focus on your project. And only your project.

We invest in the best technology like CEDAR de-noising and Pro Tools HDX, the latest and most powerful Pro Tools system. Cinescope cuts costs by minimising overhead. We don’t have a secretary or a barista on staff. We’d rather focus on our work for you.

Our team has the leading tools in the industry, resources to distinguish your production from the crowd, and workflows to finish your project faster than you expect.


Projects are always delivered on time and on budget. We use our own FTP for one-click file sharing. We live and breathe sound. There isn’t a step in the process we haven’t done a couple of hundred times.

This means our refined workflows allow us to finish your project quicker than by industry standards. And, of course, while making sure your project sounds impeccable.


As far as we’re concerned, sound is everything. We know how deeply sound quality is valued by everyone down the line – by the director, producers, QC, and most importantly by the end consumer. We know noisy dialogue, improper levels and overpowering music turn viewers off in seconds. At Cinescope, those don’t happen.

Every second of your production deserves to be savoured by the viewer. We turn your sound into gold.